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Storm Season Also Means Transportation Disruptions

If you travel fairly regularly, then you will know that storms usually cause transportation disruptions. Whether it is winds, tornados, or heavy rain, you can be sure driving and other forms of transportation disruptions will occur. Storms will also disrupt airline services. There is another atmospheric phenomenon that can cause transportation disruptions and that is lightning. This is especially true of airlines and airports. Lightning, even though it happens only briefly in most instances, can still wreak havoc to life and property. Therefore, for those of you in charge of any type of facility, it is time to take lightning strikes seriously, if you do not already have protection in place.

How Does Lightning Cause Disruptions?

In the world of transportation, the most common transportation disruptions would be air travel. Not only do aircraft cancel their flights due to flight risks associated with flying in lightning storms, but airports will also temporarily shut down. This makes perfect sense, because, at the end of the day, an airport is a large facility full of people and equipment. Any large structure is highly susceptible to lightning strikes. For those of you in charge of running an airport, know that keeping the facility lighting proof is not only about safety and convenience, it is also about economics. When an airport or any other facility has to shut down due to thunderstorm activity, it can cause serious harm to overall profitability.

How to Keep the Facility Safe and Avoid Transportation Disruptions?

The first thing any facility will need is a check-up with the experts in lightning protection. No two areas or buildings will be the same. Anything on the ground can be hit by Staccato lightning. Staccato lightning occurs when lightning travels from the cloud to the ground or vice versa. There are several factors that influence this phenomenon, such as the type of soil, height, and material of the building, etc. Therefore, as far as transport disruptions are concerned, Staccato lightning should be your greatest concern. It takes state-of-the-art lightning protection equipment to keep things moving and avoid transportation disruptions.

Contact Lightning Master to Avoid Transportation Disruptions Caused by Lightning Strikes

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