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Our Purpose Is to Protect Your Facility from Lightning Damage and Electrical Surges

For nearly 40 years, Lightning Master has led the industry in providing customized lightning protection and static solutions to help protect industrial and commercial facilities against direct and indirect lightning strikes and electrical surges. Lightning protection is a science. Our goal is to help mitigate downtime, damage, and losses that lightning strikes cause every year.

Engineering Expertise and Experience and Exceptional Customer Service

The engineers and staff of Lightning Master are creative problem solvers and solutions seekers in the science of lightning protection ― it’s an integral part of what we do every day.

No matter the problem or challenge, we’ll find a solution to help ensure that we meet or exceed our clients’ expectations for safety and protection.

Our approach is based on identifying the problem or need and then designing and delivering a cost-effective solution:
Lightning Master - Purpose

No Matter the Problem or Challenge, We’ll Find a Solution