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Lightning Master offers a complete static and lightning protection system for storage and process tanks. The system addresses dissipation of static and equalization of potential on the stored product, direct lightning attachment to the tank or tank battery, and bonding of all masses of inductance on the tank and battery.

The Problem

There are two related causes of tank ignition: (1) static from normal tank operations and (2) effects from a direct or nearby lightning strike.

Static Solution:

In-Tank Static Drain Protection System

Lightning Master’s In-Tank Static Drain (ITSD), installed through the thief hatch or other port and secured to the top of the tank, introduces thousands of points into the stored product, offering a low-resistance path for ions to equalize charge. The ITSD allows the charge to dissipate faster than it accumulates. The mass of the tank system is electrically bonded to an earth and injection well, truck load-out, and site electrical service ground. This brings all site components and structures to the same potential, reducing the possibility of arcing.

Usually, it is only possible to mitigate — not eliminate — the production of a static charge and the creation of a flammable mixture. That’s why implementing a system for steel and fiberglass tanks that dissipates the charge, bonds all the masses of inductance, and includes air terminals can help enhance the integrity of the site.

“It is unbelievable how much better these things work with the static drains in the tanks. We now plan to retrofit all the existing tanks and equip all the new radar-sensor fiberglass tanks with ITSDs regardless of lightning and static considerations. That way, we’ll only pay for one benefit, but enjoy two.”
- Jimmy Anderson, Master Electrician, Whiting Oil & Gas