Lightning Master

About 30% of tank fire and explosion incidents are due to lightning damage

MAGS® – EFR Bypass Conductor Movable Arm Grounding System™

Lightning Master’s Patented Movable Arm Grounding System™ Helps Protect Tanks Against Lightning Strike Ignitions

The MAGS® (Movable Arm Grounding System™) by Lightning Master is a patented bypass conductor system for external floating roof tanks. It meets and exceeds the requirements of the American Petroleum Institute API 545, National Fire Protection Association NFPA 780, and IEC 62305 Standards, and UL Certified to ATEX Standards.

As a simple, reliable, gravity-powered system, it has been thoroughly wind tested in excess of 2,000,000 cycles without wear or failure.

MAGS® are easy to install, and has a worldwide track record of trouble-free installations. Unlike some other systems, MAGS® is certified for installation in a Classification 1, Division 1 area.

EFR tanks are particularly vulnerable to the effects of lightning because of the isolated floating roof. A direct strike to the roof can cause lightning current to arc from the roof to the shell. A nearby lightning strike can also cause a difference in potential between the floating roof and the tank shell. Proper installation of a bypass conductor can prevent ignition causing arcing.

“The system works. Our quantity of lightning strikes reduced significantly. About a year ago, we started construction on two new external floaters, and compared the rim array/RGA vs the dissipater/MAGs system. The dissipater/ MAGs system was cheaper, easier to install, and Operations was ready for a change because the RGAs require a lot of inspection and maintenance, and the rim array system is not robust.”
- Nate Werner, BORCO Blue and Yellow Expansion


Clients Served

  • Bahamas Oil Refining (Borco)/Buckeye
  • BP, Spain
  • Exxon Mobil France
  • Exxon Mobil Nigeria
  • HMT Uraguay
  • IMMT – Intl/Matrix Tank
  • Petro Ineos, Scotland
  • BP, Sullom Voe Terminal
  • BPCL, India
  • EnQuest Sullom Voe
  • Reliance Industries, India
  • IOCL, India
  • HMEL, India
  • GCPTL, India
  • Steible Engineering, France
  • SK Energy, Korea
  • CLH, Spain
  • ASESA, Spain
  • Enable Midstream Partners LP
  • Enterprise Products Partners LP
  • Environmental Coating Services
  • Explore Enterprises of America LLC
  • Genesis Energy
  • Key West Pipeline
  • Pipeline & Terminal Mgt. Corp.
  • Marathon Oil
  • Philadelphia Energy Systems (PES)
  • Specialty Tank Services
  • Valero Energy Corporation
  • W & K Welding & Tank Erectors
  • Brazos Midstream
  • J.J. White Inc
  • Matrix NAC

We can help you select a Movable Arm Grounding System™ to best meet your lightning protection needs or custom design the right solution for you.