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Wind Damage Mitigation for Commercial/Industrial Buildings and Emissions-Free, Reliable Electric Power Generation on Remote Natural Gas Wells

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Bolt Lightning Protection, WindTripper, and Tazman Turbinz

Thank you for visiting Lightning Master’s website. Learn more about our affiliated companies Bolt Lightning Protection, WindTripper for wind damage mitigation on commercial/industrial buildings and Tazman Turbinz Generator for emissions-free, reliable 24/7 electric power generation on remote natural gas wells.

Bolt Lightning Protection for Commercial Properties

Engineered to Protect Against Lightning Strikes

Bolt Lightning Protection, an affiliate of Lightning Master, specializes in the design and installation of commercial lightning protection equipment and systems for New Construction Projects, Hospitals, Apartment Buildings, Municipalities, Schools and Educational Facilities, Storage Facilities, Aviation Hangars, and Churches. 

Established in 2020, Bolt Lightning Protection provides high-quality, conventional lightning protection systems for commercial properties. Bolt Lightning Protection services include Site Surveys, Risk Assessments, Inspections, Custom Equipment Design and Installations.

Bolt Lightning Protection components and products are manufactured in the U.S. and are UL listed.

For more information about Bolt Lightning Protection for commercial properties, please contact us.

Protecting rooftops of commercial/industrial buildings through aviation-inspired wind damage mitigation

In 2019, Lightning Master introduced an aerodynamic solution to mitigate wind damage on commercial and industrial rooftops with the WindTripper. The WindTripper is an aerodynamically-designed device attached to the edges of a roof to help mitigate wind damage during storms and severe weather events.

For more information about WindTripper’s wind damage mitigation services, please contact us.

Emissions-free, reliable 24/7 electric power generation on remote natural gas wells

Sustainable, reliable electric power for injection pumps, SCADA systems, and other on-site equipment on remotely-located natural gas wells. No fossil fuel consumption, zero emissions of greenhouse gas gases, including carbon dioxide, methane, and toxic hydrogen sulfide.

To learn more about the Tazman Turbinz Generator for emissions-free, 24/7 electric power generation on remote natural gas wells, please contact us.