Lightning Master

Lightning and static protection for industrial and commercial sites worldwide

Risk Assessments for Greater Safety and Reliability

Identifying Risks at Commercial and Industrial Sites

Lightning strikes can cause fires, structural damage, and electrical outages. To assess exposure and vulnerabilities to potential lightning damage and electrical surges, Lightning Master can perform an assessment of risk due to lightning strikes at your facility. We use the methodology presented in National Fire Protection Association NFPA 780, Standard for the Installation of Lightning Protection Systems, Annex L, Lightning Risk Assessment. This may be done as either a simple site assessment or as a more detailed comprehensive assessment.

Factors to Consider

  • Statutory – required by regulation or statute
  • Regulatory – sites where a local/municipal/regional code requires lightning protection
  • Insurance – facilities that require lightning protection to secure insurance coverage
  • Sites with high downtime consequences
  • Sites with downtime performance penalties
  • High production sites
  • Sites at strategic locations
  • Sites with critical facilities, capabilities and operations
  • Type of structure or facility – its use and contents
  • Lightning-flash density of site
  • Problematic sites that have experienced a previous static or lightning event
  • High-exposure sites such as hilltops or historically high-lightning locations
  • High-consequence sites located in environmentally sensitive locations or populated areas
  • Low-accessibility sites with limited or difficult access for remediation and repair (may be seasonal)
  • High-visibility facilities that are in a particularly sensitive area (urban or otherwise high-profile, i.e., located adjacent to a hospital, TV station, or other critical buildings)
  • High-investment sites with significant equipment investment or high value of stored product

Risk Assessment:

This risk assessment may be used to assist the facility owner, safety professional, or architect or engineer in determining the risk of damage or injury due to lightning.

An experienced Lightning Master field expert will conduct a visual inspection of the facility, survey existing lightning protection, report findings and make recommendations for improvements or suggest a customized lightning protection system.