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Lightning protection is essential for geodesic dome roof tanks due to their unique structure and characteristics. Geodesic domes are often constructed with large surface areas constructed with a network of interconnected metal or conductive components. Lightning strikes can cause damage to the structure, personnel, and the stored product equipment housed inside the structure.

Implementing proper lightning protection helps redirect lightning attachment and current flow away from undersized components. Surge protection devices (SPDs) help prevent costly equipment damage to minimize downtime and losses. Bonding and grounding helps minimize the risk of arcing and potential fires.

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In-Tank Static Drain (ITSD) systems are commonly used in storage tanks to help control the buildup of static electricity and mitigate the risk of electrostatic discharge (ESD) incidents. While ITSD systems primarily address static electricity concerns rather than lightning strikes, they can still play a role in overall lightning protection measures for tanks.

Static electricity control systems in tanks help dissipate static electricity that may accumulate in the tank due to fluid movement, agitation, or the transfer of flammable liquids. By providing a controlled path for static discharge, these systems reduce the likelihood of ESD incidents, which can potentially ignite flammable vapors or cause electrical shocks.

During a lightning strike in the vicinity of a tank, electromagnetic fields generated by the lightning discharge can induce electrical surges within the tank’s electrical systems and conductive components. These surges can damage electronic equipment, instrumentation, or control systems. An ITSD system, along with proper grounding and bonding, helps provide a path for lightning-induced surges to safely discharge, protecting sensitive equipment and minimizing the risk of damage.

Proper grounding and bonding are essential components of both ITSD systems and lightning protection systems. Grounding the tank structure and metallic components, as well as bonding them together, creates a low-resistance path for electrical currents to flow safely into the ground. This helps prevent hazardous potential differences, reduces the risk of sparks or arcing, and helps ensure the dissipation of both static and lightning-induced electrical energy.

To enhance overall lightning protection for tanks with ITSD systems, it is beneficial to incorporate additional lightning protection measures. This includes installing air terminals on nearby structures or elevated points, down conductors, and a robust grounding system to intercept and direct lightning currents away from the tank.

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A vent stack halo system, also known as a vent stack protection system, is a lightning protection system designed specifically for vent stacks or vent pipes on buildings or structures.

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