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“Responsibility and Professional Growth Come Quickly When Working for Lightning Master.”

Here’s What Our Team Members Have To Say About Lightning Master

As a global industry leader, Lightning Master provides lightning protection and static solutions, products, and services ― from engineering concept and product manufacturing to installation and maintenance. As a trusted industry leader for nearly 40 years, Lightning Master brings together engineering, manufacturing, installation, and customer service teams for high-quality, cost-effective lightning protection systems with unparalleled speed, quality and support.

Our track record of success with a wide range of clients and industries in the Americas, Asia, Africa, Europe and the Middle East has established Lightning Master as a global authority on lightning and static protection ― providing opportunities for exciting career development and growth.


“Every customer has different requirements, but the fundamentals are always the same.”

“I love the challenge of developing solutions for our customers. It resembles detective work – using archival drawings and new inspection reports to figure out how to protect structures, assets, and information systems on customer sites. However, at the end of the day, all solutions are based on the same principles. That is why I developed a new program based on the “rolling sphere” method for lightning protection and using Python software. We can apply this program to any site to analyze its protection requirements in accordance with NFPA 780 guidelines. I appreciate that Lightning Master lets me be creative as I explore new, cutting-edge solutions to solve age-old problems more effectively and efficiently.”

– Jesse Pearlman, Application Engineer

“At Lightning Master, everything revolves around teamwork – and I am right in the middle of that team.”

“There is never a dull moment for me at work. From preparing quotations for our customers to making travel arrangements for our installation crews, time just flies by. I find this very stimulating. In the process, I learn something new every day – about lightning protection, about our many customers, about organizing safety practices and trainings. Most of all, I enjoy being part of a team of dedicated people.”

– Missy Jahren, Sales Administration

“Responsibility and professional growth come quickly when working for Lightning Master.”

“After joining Lightning Master, I spent my first months learning about the company’s products, safety policies, and field service procedures. It did not take long before I was in charge of our operations in West Texas. There, I manage our office, warehouse, trucks, and equipment. I schedule installations and other services at customer sites and make sure our crews are prepared. Lightning Master headquarters is always ready to provide support, but ultimately, it is up to me to make the right decisions to ensure that our local customers receive the superior service they deserve.”

– Devin Gonzalez, West Texas Branch Manager

“What do I look forward to when coming to work? That’s easy: it’s the people.”

“Everything we do for lightning protection requires cooperation and teamwork. We design and produce our own products, develop solutions and proposals for our customers, and finally install the systems on customer sites. My contribution is to make AutoCAD drawings of our solutions. This helps our customers understand our proposals and provides a roadmap for our field service crews during installation. I have also been cross-trained in other areas. For example, I support our efforts in obtaining UL approvals. In the process, I interact with all of my colleagues in Sales, Production, and Field Service, and I enjoy every moment working with them.”

– Robin Gage, Draftsperson

“I love learning. Not a day goes by without me picking up something new.”

“Designing things and then building them has always been my passion. I completed an electrical program at a technical college before joining Lightning Master. Since then, I have learned more than I could have ever imagined ― designing new parts using computer-assisted-design, CNC programming using ladder logic, running lathes and mills, building fixtures, arc welding, and conducting QA testing. I am part of a team working on new developments for surge protection and power generation. Most important of all, I am surrounded by colleagues coming from all walks of life sharing their vast skills and experiences with me.”

– Danny Tran, CNC Programmer and Machine Operator

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