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For end-to-end solutions, Lightning Master continually partners with innovative people and companies that create solutions to protect facilities from lightning strikes, electrical surges, and other damage caused by severe weather conditions, including hurricanes, high winds, and tropical storms. Our innovations are inspired by our customers’ unique challenges and problems found in the field. Through R&D and flexible, hand-crafted manufacturing expertise, we can find a solution.

Featured Companies

Protecting rooftops of commercial/industrial buildings through aviation-inspired wind damage mitigation

In 2019, Lightning Master introduced an aerodynamic solution to mitigate wind damage on commercial and industrial rooftops with the WindTripper. The WindTripper is an aerodynamically designed device attached to the edges of a roof to help mitigate wind damage during storms and severe weather events.

Severe winds can cause:

Commercial Sites



Marine Vessel


Being proactive with rooftop protection is critical for minimizing wind damage and costly repairs caused by severe wind and weather events.

Lightning Master Introduces Tazman Turbinz’s Patented Emissions-Free Turbine Generator

Reliable, 24/7 off-grid green power for injection pumps, SCADA systems, and on-site battery charging needs.

Tazman Turbinz’s Innovative Turbine Generator

Tazman Turbinz’s innovative In-Pipe Turbine Generator (IPTG) system provides electricity at isolated locations (e.g., gas well sites) lacking commercial power. It generates power using the flow of gas through the pipeline without fossil-fuel consumption or combustion.

IPTG overcomes the drawbacks of intermittent renewable power sources including solar panels and wind turbines, as well as thermal-electric generators, diesel generators, and combustion turbine generators. It requires less maintenance, is resistant to damage, and burns no fuel, which reduces its environmental footprint. The In-Pipe Turbine Generator is designed to generate power 24 hours a day and be maintenance-free for extended periods.

How It Works:

The IPTG is an electric generator contained in a two-foot section of six-inch stainless steel pipe. It is installed using standard industry flanges. Feed piping may be flanged up or down to that size.

Magnetic flux generated by the rotation of magnets within the pipe produce electric current in coils mounted around the exterior of the pipe. The generator outputs through an umbilical cable to its control box that may be remotely mounted conveniently near the site batteries and SCADA system. 


The generator output may be monitored remotely through the existing site SCADA system or a dedicated monitoring system. An IPTG control cabinet includes rectifiers, an industrial computer, and a battery charge controller. The output voltage can be set to 12 VDC or 24VDC. The control cabinet also monitors IPTG performance and transmits the data to the operator. 

The IPTG is designed for the challenging conditions of remote natural gas wells. Admixtures of water, sand, ice, petroleum, hydrogen sulfide, or various particulates will not harm the IPTG. The IPTG is certified for hazardous location (Class I, Division 1).