Communication towers are made with metal that stick out into the atmosphere. Because of this, you could say that communication towers are prone to lightning strikes. Therefore, it’s easy to understand why communication tower lightning protection is a high priority for companies that erect these towers and the customers that rely on them.

A communication tower primary purpose is to “hold on to” any type of communication equipment. Modern day communication towers usually have microwave emitters and other devices attached to them to be used by broadcast corporations and cell phone companies.

If a communication tower suffers a direct or indirect strike by lightning, the system can be severely damaged. This usually occurs to communication towers that either did not have a lightning protection system or equipment or had inadequate and outdated equipment installed.

Lightning Master Corporation understands this better than anyone else. Lightning Master Corporation has been in the lightning protection business for over three decades. We have developed the leading-edge lightning protection technology to vastly improve communication tower lightning protection.

How Lighting Master Implements Communication Tower Lightning Protection

Lightning Master Corporation will provide you a comprehensive lightning protection plan. The first thing we will do is do a complete site survey. Our team will identify all the problem areas on your property. Once we have finished our assessment of the facility, we will advise you on what needs to be implemented. All the products we use are manufactured by our team, therefore we know exactly what they are capable of.

Examples of some of the main equipment we use for communication tower lightning protection are as follows:

Static & Structural Lightning Protection: In order to better accomplish communication tower lightning protection, Lightning Master Corporations will use candelabras, spot dissipators, windsocks, and streamer retarding air terminals.

Bonding & Grounding: Bonding and grounding are extremely important to dissipate lightning strikes. A well-grounded tower is capable of handling a direct lightning strike, without damaging any equipment.

Surge Protection Devices: Surge protection devices are necessary whenever there is any electrical equipment present. This is because a sudden increase in voltage can damage even the sturdiest devices. Surge protectors are there just in case the bonding and grounding equipment fails.

Contact Lightning Master Corporation for Communication Tower Lightning Protection

Any communication equipment exposed to the elements, especially communication towers, need immediate lightning protection. Contact Lightning Master Corporation at (800) 749-6800 and set up an appointment today. One of our friendly staff members will explain communication tower lightning protection, oil tank lightning protection, and petroleum lightning protection. You can also schedule an initial consultation for a site inspection.