4 Types of Lightning Damage

How is damage caused by lightning strikes categorized? Lightning is one of the most prominent weather-related risks that can cause property damage, downtime, and injuries. While the chances of getting struck by lightning are low, your facility has a far greater chance of experiencing damage from direct and indirect lightning strikes. You can never predict […]

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Lightning in Hurricanes: Do Hurricanes Produce Lightning?

Intense Lightning Activity Due to Hurricanes Generally, the crackle of lightning means one thing: a storm is coming. Surprisingly, though hurricanes are typically described as violent thunderstorms accompanied by whirling masses of wind and rain, they rarely produce lightning. Hurricanes swirl, they blow, and they flood, but seldom do they crackle. When they do, it […]

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How to Avoid Power Surge Damage to Your Vital Systems and Components

Protect Your Vital Commercial Systems from Power Surge Damage Many industrial companies lose millions of dollars every year repairing and replacing damaged equipment due to various electrical power damage concerns. While the obvious issues including vandalism and theft can be effectively limited through investing in security systems, some forms of damage like power surge damage demand more stringent management […]

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Complete Guide to Lightning Protection Risk Assessments

Everything You Need to Know About Lightning Risk Assessments The National Fire Protection Association (NFPA 780) lightning risk assessment serves as a guide and provides a methodology to assist facility owners and safety professionals looking to determine the risk of lightning damage or injury due to lightning. As a building owner, understanding your facility’s vulnerabilities to […]

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Power Surge Damage: What Kind of Damage Can Power Surges Cause?

The Costs of a Power Surge.  Between hurricanes and other inclement weather that take place in the state, it’s important that commercial property owners protect themselves from numerous hazards and potential threats. Surge protection has become an especially hot topic since there are so many situations where a power surge could unexpectedly occur. Power surges are sometimes […]

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Choose a Lightning Protection Contractor for System Installation

Choose the best lightning protection contractors for your specific industry. Every year, business owners in various industries are forced to deal with inclement weather due to hurricanes, winter storms, heavy rains, flooding, and other natural disasters. Many of these weather conditions drag lightning along with them, which can cause damage due to direct and indirect […]

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How to Maintain Lightning Protection Equipment

How does Lightning Master maintain lightning protection equipment? Lightning damage can be costly due to damage to critical equipment and potential shutdowns. If there is an existing lightning protection system on your commercial building or at your industrial facility, it is important to know the recommended inspection and maintenance protocol, so your lightning protection equipment […]

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Temporary crude oil tank

Lightning and Static Protection for Temporary Crude Storage Tanks

Recently, our sales team has been getting calls beginning with, “Ahhhhh, I have a really weird situation that we need lightning protection for….”.   We can be fairly certain it is for a creative container to store crude oil. With the present glut in crude oil and limited storage capacity, we are seeing all types of […]

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