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Lightning Master (LMC) is a full services, full spectrum static solutions and lightning protection company serving the oil, gas and chemical industries since 1984. Our turn-key services include consulting, design & engineering, manufacturing and installation dedicated to lightning protection, surge suppression and grounding. Designs and structural lightning protection systems and components meet NFPA 780 and UL requirements. Lightning Master manufactures highest quality stainless steel, titanium and Hastelloy components all made in the USA, which are made to withstand corrosive environments in industrial settings. Our complete line of products and systems are backed by our worldwide support and customer service.

**LMC is a UL Certified Lightning Protection System Installer offering UL Master Labels and UL Listed Stainless Steel Products.

How Can Lightning Master Corporation Protect My Facility?

Lightning Master Corporation employs trained personnel that will customize and install lightning protection systems to guard your property from direct and indirect lightning strikes. We have spent more than three decades improving our techniques, products, and services to ensure proper implementation of lightning protection services.

Protection from Lightning Strikes and Electrical Surges

Direct or nearby lightning storms can result in extensive damage for all types of facilities. Electrical systems can be shut down, company and customer data may be compromised, and the well-being of employees and others might be at risk.

Our understanding of the science behind lightning strikes and our innovations enable us to provide superior lightning protection products, services, and recommendations to mitigate the risk of damage to your property and personnel.

LightningMaster Corp

UL Certified Lightning Protection System Installer

LightningMaster Corp

Safety & Compliance

  • NFPA 780 Compliance
  • UL Listed Lightning Protection Manufacturer
  • UL Certified Manufacturer & Installer
  • API 2003 and 545 Compliant
  • ATEX Certified By-Pass Conductor
  • CSA Listed IPTG
  • ISNetWorld Members
  • PEC Safety
  • Veriforce
LightningMaster Corp

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If your facility needs lightning protection services, contact Lightning Master Corporation today at (+1) 800-749-6800. Our team will explain our services and schedule an on-site evaluation of your property. We will then prepare a customized lightning protection plan that fits your needs and benefits your property, assets, and employees.

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Complete Line of Lightning & Surge Protection Services & Solutions

Our dedication to safety and excellence is equal to the line of solutions available to our clients. We provide on-site surveys, evaluations, and risk assessments to analyze your property. These approaches allow us to note any safety hazards that can be accentuated by a lightning strike or electrical surge.  We also provide system design and installation services, a UL-certified lightning protection services installation, UL master labels, quality control and assurance, system inspection, and maintenance.

High-Quality Lightning Protection Products

Lightning Master Corporation uses only the highest-quality products and components in each lightning protection product we manufacture. UL-certified products and techniques routinely used include bonding & grounding, surge protection devices, static & structural lightning protection, EFR tank bonding. This commitment to quality ensures the best performance.

Lightning Master Corporation Customer Service

In addition to providing a complete line of lightning protection services and high-quality products, Lightning Master Corporation also provides excellent customer service. Our customer service has helped secure our position as an industry leader in lightning protection around the globe. Whenever we take on a project, we strive to provide the absolute best customer service every step of the way.

Client Testimonials

Lightning Master is proud of the relationships we have, the reputation we have and the people and infrastructure we are honored to protect.

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