The NadaBoom! fire suppression system is designed to suppress fires in manufactured (12 series) petroleum production, disposal and similar tanks. Unlike central extinguishing systems, a separate NadaBoom! unit mounts to each individual tank. No plumbing is required, and no re-plumbing of tanks is required if a site is expanded or modified, thus allowing the owner/operator maximum flexibility to move tanks, add tanks, reconfigure piping, etc.

The fire suppression system screws into an existing 4” dock in the tank. It may be mounted horizontally on the tank wall above the fluid level, or vertically on the tank roof. No electricity or control wiring required.

The unit contains an aerosol generator using a solid bulk compound (SBC) consisting of potassium nitrate, potassium carbonate and magnesium bound in a resin polymer. When triggered, the SBC produces a potassium aerosol. Unlike a nitrogen-based injection system, there is no overpressure to damage the tank. The aerosol exhausts into the tank, interrupting the chemical chain reaction of fire. By weight, it is about four times as effective as Halon.

When the temperature inside the tank exceeds 181˚ C (359˚F), a bulb-thermal activator (BTA) triggers the SBC. If the BTA fails to trigger, the solid bulk compound in the aerosol generator self-activates at 300˚ C (572 deg F). In the case of petroleum production and saltwater disposal tanks, the extinguishing agent is compatible with tank contents. If the system activates and extinguishes a fire, it only increases the salinity in an already saltwater tank. No out-of-service cleaning or maintenance is required.

A visual indicator on each unit shows that it has been activated and the aerosol generator needs to be replaced. A removable end cap facilitates replacement of an expended aerosol generator.

NadaBoom! Specifications

Compact, light-weight – easy to install
Tank mounted – no plumbing or wiring required
Easily relocatable to other tanks
Low-maintenance – 15+ year replacement cycle
Wide temperature operating range
Heat activated – either by thermal bulb or raw material – no electricity or control wiring
Contains easily replaceable slide-in suppression module
Protective shield to keep out hydrocarbon gasses – melts to allow suppressor to exhaust into tank
Integral electrical bonding lug
Environmentally friendly
Listed by the EPA for use in normally occupied spaces
Weight: 10.5#
Length: 13.25”
Diameter (including bonding lug): 6”
Bulb-thermal activator (BTA) trigger temperature: 181˚ C (359˚F)
Solid bulk compound self-activation temperature: 300˚ C (572˚ F)
Temperature-sensitive medium changes color to indicate discharge: