Dealing with Lightning Strikes

Lightning strikes, especially in Florida, are a constant threat. If you are managing an industrial facility or any type of storage facility that stores oil or natural gas, it is vital for your facility to have proper, effective lightning protection. There are technologies and systems which greatly reduce the risk of a devastating lightning strike.

If you need lightning protection for oil and gas facilities, your best option is to work with a reputable lightning protection company like Lightning Master Corporation.

An Upgrade in Lightning Protection for Oil and Gas Facilities

There was a time when people were happy with placing a piece of metal on a rooftop, with a wire leading into the ground and then calling it lightning protection. If you want the latest and most efficient lightning protection for oil and gas facilities, you need superior equipment and systems in your facility. Lightning Master Corporation has developed several products that can greatly reduce the chances of your oil and gas facility being struck by direct or indirect lightning strikes.

Lightning Master Corporation continually researches the characteristics of lightning, in order to improve and develop new and better products to enhance our lightning protection equipment. The products are made with safety and compliance rules in mind. These include following strict guidelines put forth by the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) and the American Petroleum Institute (API).

Game-Changing Lightning Protection for Oil and Gas Facilities

When Lightning Master products are properly used, the amount of damage caused by lightning strikes is reduced dramatically. Apart from property damage, lightning protection will also greatly reduce injury to employees. Some of the main products and services provided by Lightning Master Corporation include:

  • Streamer Retarding Air Terminals (SRAT)
  • Surge protection devices
  • Candelabras
  • Spot dissipators
  • EFR Bypass MAGS
  • Inspection and maintenance
  • Bonding and grounding hardware
  • Surveys/Risk Assessments
  • Static and structural lightning protection

Many of our lightning protection products and services describe a whole family of devices designed to take lightning protection for oil and gas to the next level. For example, static and structural lightning protection for oil and gas facilities will involve by-products such as candelabras, spot dissipaters, streamer retarding air terminals, etc. What makes these products highly successful is they are developed by our team.

Contact Lightning Master Corporation to Learn More About Lightning Protection for Oil and Gas Facilities

Contact Lightning Master Corporation today for more information about our oil tank lightning protection equipment and services. Our team will conduct a site survey in order to develop a comprehensive plan and make the best recommendations for proper lightning protection for your oil and gas facility.