The use of sophisticated electronics used to govern proper operations of an industrial facility leads to increased vulnerability to the secondary effects of lightning.  Even with proper direct strike protection a facility’s electrical and low voltage instrument and control systems remain at risk to nearby strikes.  In fact, one could argue that collection of the strike puts the electronics in even greater danger, especially if the quality of the grounding and bonding is poor, has been compromised or if best practices are not employed.

Gone are the days of simply hammering a metal rod into the ground.  Establishing and maintaining a low impedance common-point grounding system is the single most important aspect of any lightning and surge protection design and will aid in uninterrupted operations of a critical facility.

Enter Lightning Master – We are a one-stop consulting, design and engineering company specifically dedicated to lightning protection, surge protection and grounding.  We want to work with you from the beginning to end: problem identification to testing & analysis, to solution design, to solution implementation and ultimately to maintenance, if need be.

In order to achieve this goal, Lightning Master Corp. (LMC) has expanded its overall portfolio. We have added a series of consulting and engineering service which are described below.  These services are intended to range in complexity: from a high-level perspective to in-depth and comprehensive.  All designed to meet the different needs of our clientele.

Quality Assurance & Quality Control Programs