Lightning Master Corporation (LMC) is a one-stop consulting, design & engineering, manufacturing and installation company specifically dedicated to lightning protection, surge suppression and grounding.  LMC has been in the business of lightning and surge protection for over 30 years. Due to their continued success, commitment, growth and customer requests, LMC has decided to add another layer of expertise for their Clients to utilize.

Lightning Master’s continued dedication to design, innovation and protection has always been the foundation of the company.  This commitment has led the company to expand its services further by adding a series of consulting and engineering services along with the hiring of additional engineering staff.

To lead this division, the company recruited Lee Howard, Managing Director of Engineering Services. Mr. Howard joins LMC with over 20 years of experience in research & development, lightning and surge protection design and testing, and ground system testing.  Lee’s education, background and accomplishments in these fields will ensure the success of this newest venture.

“In the modern era the heavy use of microprocessor based technology to govern safe operations and control of industrial facilities means that lightning protection can no longer be thought of as just placing a rod at the top of a structure and connecting it to ground (earth). One must assess the entire problem in terms of all three legs of the protection triangle: direct strike protection, surge protection and grounding. Leaving one unassessed, renders a facility vulnerable to damage and substantial revenue loss due to down-time.” – Lee Howard.

LMC’s new services range in complexity from a high-level perspective to in-depth and comprehensive analysis.  All are designed to meet the spectrum of the different needs of their clientele.

• Site Surveys: Lightning Strike and Surge Protection Consultation
• Design and Installation Evaluation
• Installation Supervision
• Ground Systems Design and Testing

“That our company continues to strive for improvement shows our clients that our commitment to our innovation, customer satisfaction and problem solving isn’t just a claim, it’s a fact,” says Bruce Kaiser, Founder and CEO of Lightning Master Corporation.

Lightning Master® is dedicated to working with their customers from the beginning to the end: problem identification to testing & analysis, to solution design, to solution implementation and ultimately to maintenance, if needed.

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Established in 1984, Lightning Master® is a global, full service, static solutions, lightning and surge protection manufacturing company. We serve a wide range of customers including oil, gas, chemical and other industrial facilities. Our complete line of products, systems and consulting services are backed by our worldwide customer service. Our track record of success in the Americas, Asia, Africa, Europe and the Middle East has established LMC as a global authority on lightning and static protection.

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