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Surge Protection Services

You live in a world where electricity is arguably the single most important commodity. It is nearly impossible to accomplish anything in a modern industrialized world without electricity. However, electricity can be a bane as well as a boon, if you don’t consider surge protection services.

A surge can be described as a sudden increase of voltage. An electrical surge can happen for a number of reasons, including lightning strikes. The problem is that many electrical devices are not capable of handling voltages beyond a certain number. When this happens, you are most definitely looking at damage to your important devices. In fact, surge and surge-related damage cause nearly $80 billion of damage in the US alone, each year. For industries such as oil refineries or water treatment plants, electrical surges caused by lightning strikes are a constant threat. The amount of damage and inconvenience caused when systems stop working is high as well.

Therefore, one of the most important precautions to take is to put in place proper surge protection systems and equipment. This is especially true of places where lightning strikes are very common, such as Texas and Florida. Apart from lightning strikes, there are other ways electrical surges can occur, such as:
● When utility companies turn on the power supply
● Damaged or downed power lines
● When heavy electrical equipment such as motors, startup

What to Expect from Surge Protection Services

Technically speaking, all electrical wires are capable of carrying a surge. Surge protection services will protect electrical panels, phone and cable TV lines, electrical wires leading to the building, and outlets. These components are most prone to surges. In an ideal situation, every electrical panel should have surge protection installed. These include main panels, sub-panels, and even pool panels. Since electricity always travels on the path of least resistance, surge protectors installed on panels will ensure that any excess electricity gets redirected into the ground.

Lightning Master Surge Protection Services

For those in charge of industrial facilities, or even smaller houses and apartment complexes can enjoy peace of mind after taking advantage of surge protection services and products from Lightning Master Corporation. Surge protection, no matter what the causes are, requires a comprehensive plan to be effective. For lightning protection in Houston TX, lightning protection Midland TX, or lightning protection in Tampa FL, your first choice should be Lightning Master’s surge protection services.

Unlike many other lightning protection services in the market, Lightning Masters specializes only in lightning strike-related products and services.

Contact us today at (+1) 727-447-6800 and set up an appointment. We will complete a site survey and risk appraisal of your facility and make relevant recommendations. All work is done according to the standards created by the IEEE and NFPA. Lightning Master will also ensure a turn-key installation with supervision.