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Lightning protection for buildings is key for a wide range of businesses in the oil and gas industry, as companies must follow strict safety and compliance guidelines at all times. A lightning strike can occur at any time and cause significant damage to buildings of any size. These lightning strikes can also cause substantial downtime, which results in high costs and unexpected expenses. However, taking the extra time to invest in lightning, static, and/or surge protection for buildings will minimize the chance of any damage from a lightning storm.

Here are just a few factors to keep in mind if you are considering lightning protection for buildings in the oil and gas industry.

Costs of a Lightning Strike

A lightning strike can cause significant damage to any building, which will lead to substantial repair costs. According to recent statistics, lightning causes over 26,000 fires that damage property in the United States each year, as these costs range between five and six billion dollars. However, you can reduce the reduce the risk of damage to your buildings by investing in lightning protection equipment.

Types of Lightning Strikes

Before you invest in lightning protection for buildings, it is important to understand the different types of lightning strikes.
• Direct strikes occur whenever a building or a person is directly struck by lightning. These direct strikes are the most deadly type of strike, but they are not very common.
• A side flash happens whenever a bolt of lightning strikes a tall object and part of the strike goes to a person that is nearby, such as anyone taking cover underneath a tree.
• Ground currents are another deadly form of a lightning strike, as much of the energy is dissipated in the ground near the vicinity of the lightning strike.
• Conduction strikes can occur if any person is in contact with a metal object inside a building.

Lightning Protection Equipment

One of the best investments for any company in the oil and gas industry is equipment that specializes in lightning protection. A lightning bolt can occur unexpectedly, and it is essential that your entire facility is well-protected from any lightning strike. Lightning protection for buildings is only a small investment that can save your company a substantial amount of money and give you much-needed peace of mind.

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Lightning protection for buildings is an important investment for any company in the oil and gas industry. Lightning strikes can cause substantial damages to any building but choosing to partner with Lightning Master Corporation will keep your buildings and equipment well-protected from lightning storms. Lightning Master Technology has over three decades worth of experience in the industry and specializes in a wide range of lightning protection services. We can also offer site surveys and risk assessments to gain a better understanding of the needs of your company and create a personalized lightning protection system to protect your entire infrastructure with the best technology available.

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