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Ground to Cloud Lightning; The Basics

Lightning, the mere word conjures up images of spectacular fireworks, Mother Nature puts on for “free”, accompanied by scary cannon fire sounds. Lightning is the go-to word to describe anything scary, fascinating, or magical, depending on the context. However, not many people know that there are different kinds of lightning, therefore different types of risks. When you take into account the amount of damage ground to cloud lightning can cause, it is no wonder lightning protection is a serious matter for everyone.

All variations of lightning fall into specific categories; intracloud, intercloud, and cloud to ground lighting. Ground to cloud lightning and cloud to ground lightning are basically the same thing. The reason why it is sometimes called “ground to cloud” is that the flash itself, the part you see, comes up from the ground.

Ground to Cloud Lightning

The science of ground to cloud lightning on a molecular level is fascinating. Clouds spew negatively charged electricity towards the ground. This is what happens first, and it is not detectable by the human eye. When all these negatively charged particles strike the ground, it meets positively charged objects on the ground. When this happens, positively charged energy goes back up the channel created by the negative particles, and then lightning is created. The part you see is the lightning streak going upwards, hence the name ground to cloud lightning. This is why in a nutshell, cloud to ground (CG) and ground to cloud (GC) lightning are the same things. It depends on your vantage point.

The “Striking” Facts About Ground to Cloud Lightning

Out of the three different types of lightning, ground to cloud lightning is the rarest, but easily the most dangerous. This should come as no surprise, since, it involves lightning coming to the ground, as opposed to hopping from cloud to cloud. The good news is that the likelihood of an individual getting hit is very low. However, when you are talking about a building or a collection of buildings, ground wires, metal structures, all bets are off.

Ground to Cloud Lightning Protection; A Serious Consideration

States such as Florida, Texas, and Oklahoma are famous for their high volume of electrical storms. Therefore, if you are running a business or manage a facility in these three states, it is highly advisable to start thinking about lightning protection. Therefore, whether it is lightning protection Midland TX, lightning protection Houston TX, or lightning protection Tampa FL, you should work with experienced and innovative lightning protection professionals.

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What makes Lightning Master Corporation unique is that we have dedicated years to the lightning protection industry. Our engineers have years of experience working in the field and developing new and innovative lightning protection systems in Midland, TX and elsewhere and equipment. Solutions include specialized products and services such as:

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At Lightning Master, we are confident in our products and services. We offer a two-year warranty on products. It’s impossible to get 100% protection from something as unpredictable as lightning, but it is possible to reduce the risk when using specialized lightning protection systems.

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