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Choosing to install lightning protection in Midland, TX is an excellent choice for oil and gas companies that desire to have safety and security from lightning. Lightning can occur on short notice, so it is important that employees have the best lightning protection available, especially if they are constantly working outside. While the needs of each oil and gas company are different, lightning protection should always be a top priority for any oil and gas companies.

#1 Shield Sensitive Control Equipment

A lightning strike can cause massive damage to sensitive control equipment, which results in significant downtime and costly expenses. However, lightning protection can keep your equipment well-protected from any storms. Protecting sensitive control equipment will allow your oil and gas company to continue to operate normally without having to be concerned about malfunctioning equipment due to lightning.

#2 Protect Flammable & Explosive Materials

Another advantage of lightning protection is that you will protect flammable and explosive materials from causing widespread damage to equipment or causing significant injuries to employees. Proper lightning protection will help your company receive a high level of protection and is worth the investment for oil and gas companies. Lightning strikes are highly common in Texas. So it is vital to have lightning protection systems installed sooner rather than later.

#3 Avoid Sparks to Nearby Components

Lightning strikes can cause sparks and create significant damage to any nearby components. However, choosing to use lightning protection in Midland will minimize any chance of sparks causing any substantial damage with the help of this innovative technology. Instead of worrying about any damage from lightning storms, your employees will have the confidence of knowing that all their equipment is well-protected at all times.

The use of lightning protection systems in Midland Texas is critical for any oil and gas companies. It will allow your business to remain productive without having to deal with any damaged equipment.

LightningMaster Corporation has over three decades of experiences in helping companies to stay safe and secure from lightning storms. Our innovative lightning protection technology is specially designed to offer the best available lightning and surge protection for oil and gas companies.

Our mission is always to help protect your company so you can continue to operate efficiently and safely, thanks to the help of our state of the art lightning protection technology.

If you wish to learn more about lightning protection in Midland, Tx area please feel free to reach out to us today.