Lightning Master

UL Listed Stainless Steel C-Clamp

Stainless steel parallel cable Splicer with single bolt tension and 1-1/2″ of contact on cables and wires. Splicer may be used with full size cables or secondary bonding wire. Also available in Aluminum (A), Copper (C), Tinned Copper (TC), or Stainless Steel (SS)

Part Numbers:
Stainless Steel: LM-CCBC-SS-L
Aluminum: LM-CCBC-A
Tinned Copper: LM-CCBC-TC
Copper: LM-CCBC-C

LM-CCBC-SS-L Spec Sheet

LM-CCBC-A Spec Sheet

LM-CCBC-TC Spec Sheet

LM-CCBC-C Spec Sheet