Tank Battery Lightning Protection from Lightning Master Corporation

Many oil and gas facilities require complete and comprehensive lightning protection for tank batteries. These facilities also require other forms of lightning protection, including lightning protection for fuel storage tanks or petroleum lightning protection.

Lightning Master Corporation has been in the lightning protection business for nearly 35 years. In this time frame, we have developed lightning protection systems and strategies for a variety of industries. In other words, Lightning Master is not only in the business of making equipment such as modified lightning rods, air terminals, and other products, but we also understand the science of lightning. Starting from surveying and risk assessment to installing the required equipment to avoid lightning strikes and the subsequent damage, Lightning Master has grown to become a top-rated resource for lightning systems.

How Does Lightning Master Provide Lightning Protection?

After years of being in the lightning protection industry, Lightning Master took that knowledge gathered from the field to develop systems and equipment to help protect you against nature’s fury. The different aspects of lightning protection for tank batteries include understanding the terrain, height, location and structural material of the tanks and the facility itself. No two facilities are the same. Therefore, no two facilities will be given the same lightning protection assessment and protection plan.

How Does Lightning Master Achieve Lightning Protection Tank Batteries?

Lightning Master Corporation takes many factors into account, before putting a comprehensive lightning protection plan in place. The first step will be a site inspection. After the inspection, our team will develop a unique plan for your site, in order to begin installing lightning protection equipment for your facilities.

Here are some of the main products and services Lightning Master offers for complete lightning protection for tank batteries.

  • Static & structural lightning protection
  • Surge protection devices
  • Bonding & grounding

Lightning Master serves and provides lightning protection for many industries. A few examples are:

  • Chemical Plants
  • Oil & Gas Facilities
  • Water & Wastewater Treatment Plants
  • Data Centers
  • Government buildings
  • Communication Towers
  • Electric/Utility Facilities>/li>

How to Contact Lightning Master Corporation for Lightning Protection for Tank Batteries

Contact Lightning Master Corporation today at (727) 447-6800 for more information about lightning protection. Our team will inspect your facility and develop a comprehensive plan for lightning protection for tank batteries. All of Lightning Master’s products are made in house and tested for precision. If you need lightning protection for any type of commercial facility, contact Lightning Master Corporation today.