Threats From Nature; How to Deal with Lightning

Among all the threat’s humans face from nature, lightning is perhaps the scariest, because it comes accompanied by the dramatic sound of thunder. On top of that, it is the most common type of dangerous natural phenomena. Therefore, it may come as no surprise to you that the amount of damage it causes, to life and property, is huge. Hence, lightning protection should be the top priority for anyone running a facility of any kind. As far as lightning protection for storage tanks is concerned, the priority level only increases.

A Closer Look at Lightning Protection for Fuel Storage Tanks

Storage tanks are large vessels located out in the open. This puts them at risk for both direct and indirect lightning strikes. If the tanks get struck by lightning, the damage is not only to the tanks but also to any surrounding equipment. When lightning strikes an object, it needs to be properly grounded in order to dissipate the electricity. If it is not grounded, then damage can happen to equipment located in the vicinity as well as cause serious injury to any bystanders.

This means is that you need proper lightning protection for fuel storage tanks. The best option is to partner with a company that has unparalleled knowledge and expertise in lightning protection for fuel storage tanks. Lightning Master is a unique company in that we are solely focused on lightning protection for fuel storage tanks and other commercial properties.

What Makes Lightning Master Different From Other Lightning Protection Companies

Lightning Master has been in the lightning protection business for nearly 35 years. Lightning Master is not a third-party vendor trying to sell another company’s products. Our team has vast experience based on collected data and research. We have developed our own equipment and systems for superior lightning protection. Thanks to our research and development, we know what form of lightning protection is best for your specific needs. Lightning Master has patented a wide range of products, that follow safety and compliance rules, to help deal with all aspects of lightning strikes, including:

  • Static and structural protection
  • Bonding and grounding hardware
  • Surge protection devices
  • Static and lightning mitigation
  • Production and disposal facilities
  • EFR bypass conductors
  • Surveys/Risk Assessments
  • Streamer Retarding Air Terminals (SRAT)
  • Spot dissipators
  • Candelabras
  • EFR Bypass MAGS

It is easy to see how Lightning Master Corporation can offer you the best lightning protection for fuel storage tanks. We believe in providing you with a comprehensive plan to reduce the chances of your fuel storage tanks from being struck by lightning.

Contact Lightning Master Corporation For Lightning Protection for Fuel Storage Tanks

Running a facility, especially those that have a large outdoor presence, requires good protection from lightning. If you need good lightning protection for fuel storage tanks, contact Lightning Master Corporation at (+1) 727-447-6800. One of our knowledgeable staff members will help you begin the process by providing valuable information about lightning protection for fuel storage tanks.