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[PR] Lightning Protection Company Strikes Success with ISNetworld Membership and “A” ranking.

LightningMaster Corp

Clearwater, Florida: Lightning Master Corporation has been a member of ISNetworld for the past 6 years. Having achieved an “A” ranking, the highest level available for members, Lightning Master Corporation is pleased with the recognition they are receiving for their commitment to safety.

Points are awarded based on data entered for the following areas: company history, drug, alcohol and environmental policies, total recordable incidents, EMR and safety programs. ISNetworld brings together hiring clients and contractors, creating safer work environments and lasting partnerships. Serving primarily oil, gas and chemical companies, the membership helps further Lightning Master’s commitment to safety and compliance in an industry where safety is always the number one priority.

“This membership shows our clients that our commitment to safety isn’t just a claim, it’s a fact,” says Bruce Kaiser, Founder and President of Lightning Master Corporation. An ISNetworld membership is one that will help potential clients cut down on qualification time and work with a company in which they can be confident. U.S. contractors in ISNetworld have a 48 percent lower incident rate compared to the industry average. This statistic, and many others like it, makes ISNetworld membership-companies desirable to hiring clients. Having health and safety, environmental, sustainability and quality programs as well as insurance and compliance information verified by ISNetworld helps a member to achieve ISNetworld membership.

Once verified, companies have access to potential clients within the ISNetworld network. Lightning Master will use this as a way to connect with other safety-conscious companies and further their commitment to providing top-notch static solutions and lightning protection. Lightning Master® is a full service, full-spectrum static solutions, lightning and transient protection company, serving the oil, gas and chemical industries since 1984. Their complete line of products and systems are backed by worldwide support, customer service and expertise.

Their track record of success and top-notch customer service in North America, Asia, Africa, Europe and the Middle East has propelled LMC® as the global authority on lightning and static protection. For more information on their services, please visit the ISNetworld to view rankings and partners using the ISN ID 400-156010, or visit their website

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