It has been said that two guys with a pickup truck and a ladder constitute a lightning protection company.  That may be true in the case of lightning protection for a barn, but what about a large existing plant or construction of a new plant?  The level of sophistication required because of the nature of the facility and nature of the project is vastly different.

Lightning Master Corporation has extensive experience and expertise in large plant projects, both operating plants and plants under construction.  We are available to be your reliable, substantial, and experienced partner, no learning curve required.  Your critical project will not be our first rodeo.

We are familiar with construction project requirements and protocols, including AIA, certified payroll, progress meetings and reports, coordination with other trades and document control.  We use sophisticated project design and costing systems.  We regularly work with ISNetworld, VeriForce, Avetta, PEC Safety, and other safety compliance management providers.

We are not your run-of-the-mill lightning rod company.  Lightning Master principals serve on industry organizations that actually write codes, standards and recommended practices, including National Fire Protection Association NFPA 780, Underwriters Laboratories UL 96, American Petroleum Institute API 545 and various other committees.  We have extensive familiarity with these standards because we helped write them.  We know the politics and where the bodies are buried.

When you visit Lightning Master, either in-person or virtually, you will find a comfortable conference room and a very functional training room, each with electronic conferencing.  With direct access to production parts and mounting structures, this arrangement is particularly useful for training international reps and installers.  You are also welcome to use one of our dedicated guest offices for your comfort and convenience.
Lightning Master is a UL Listed manufacturer of lightning protection system components.  Our listings include an industrial quality line of stainless-steel parts and components specifically designed, engineered and constructed for heavy duty, corrosive industrial applications.  We manufacture in-house, ensuring we have complete control over quality. Everything is Made in America. We can also promptly develop and manufacture custom, job specific parts in addition to our proprietary components and systems.

Lightning Master is an Underwriters Laboratories UL Certified Lightning Protection System Installer.  We can work with UL to issue a Master Label, Letter of Findings, or Engineering Inspection Report, as appropriate, for eligible structures.

Our in-house, company employed engineering staff attend UL training, and can design systems to NFPA 780, UL 96, UL 96A, API 2003, API 545, NFPA 77 and other applicable standards.  No matter how unusual or challenging a structure may be, we have probably protected something similar.

Our field operations staff consists of motivated, experienced Lightning Master employees based in Clearwater, Florida and various strategically chosen locations around the United States.  All field service team members begin their tenure in our shop, learning our products.  They then move to hands-on training with an experienced supervisor.  We promote from within, so the next step is UL training, promotion to a team leader and then to supervisor.  We rarely perform installations outside the US, but often supply a supervisor, so our supervisors must be prepared to travel anywhere in the world.  All are familiar with site security and site access protocols, and all field employees have TWIC cards.

Safety is paramount at Lightning Master.  Our dedicated safety officer will work with your safety and training departments to assure compliance with your requirements.  All field personnel have completed basic OSHA training, hazardous gas, fall protection, supplied air, aerial lift, CPR, AED, first aid, etc.  Our field service team members have also completed training by a variety of safety organizations as required by specific customers.  Each project is preceded by an in-house pre-job meeting, customer site specific training and daily toolbox safety briefings.

We also offer periodic inspection and maintenance services to keep your protection system in good condition.

For professional, competent and thorough lightning protection system design, installation, and support services, call Lightning Master.  We wrote the book on lightning protection for industrial facilities. or 1-800-749-6800