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Lightning Master in partnership with PROTEGO India announces the largest MAGS® Order to date for Reliance Industries Limited

Clearwater, Florida, USA – PROTEGO® India in partnership with Lightning Master Corporation, a full service, full spectrum static solutions, lightning and transient protection company, are glad to announce that Reliance Industries, Ltd. has placed the largest MAGS order thus far for their Jamnagar refinery floating roof tanks.

The MAGS®, Movable Arms Grounding System, is a liable, gravity-powered external floating roof tank bonding system which has been thoroughly tested; including simulated 100mph wind in excess of 3,000,000 cycles without wear or failure. Lightning Master Corp. MAGS® is ATEX Certified and exceeds the requirements of the American Petroleum Institute API 545 and the National Fire Protection Association, NFPA 780.

EFR tanks are particularly vulnerable to the effects of lightning because of their isolated floating roof. A direct or nearby strike will cause a difference in potential between the floating roof and thank shell, which, if not properly bonded, can become an ignition source resulting in rim fires. The MAGS® bypass conductor system that protects EFR tanks is a superior solution that requires little to no maintenance.

Unlike other bypass conductor systems, MAGS® is certified for installation in a Classification 1, Division 1 area. Components of MAGS® include UV thermal protected cable, 300 series stainless steel bases and fiber glass arms; all – fabricated by Lightning Master Corporation at their corporate headquarters in Clearwater, Florida USA. The MAGS® fiber glass mast arm removes the risk of improper roof operations that typically are created as a result of tangled and broken cables on traditional floating roof tank systems. Additionally, the gravity powered system requires little to no maintenance, negating the need for spring loaded parts and moving reels that have the potential to arc. This system is easy to implement and has worldwide base of trouble-free installations.

Lightning Master® systems are backed by PROTEGO® India’s support, customer service and expertise. Our track record of success and top-notch customer service in India has established LMC® as the trusted name in lighting, static and surge protection. Lightning Master ® is internationally recognized as the industry leader in lightning and static protection.



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