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Do Not Settle for Second-Best when it Comes to Surge Protection

Why the Best Surge Protection is Necessary

Surges are transient waves that occur upon a spike in voltage. The length of time for these sub-cycle overvoltage’s can vary according to the reason behind the surge. When lightning strikes objects, such as telephone lines, cable or power lines, these objects will experience a temporary surge in voltage. This surge can be measured in thousands of volts and will typically only last a couple of milliseconds. In most cases, surge protectors generally have the capability of handling this much voltage in that amount of time.

Fighting Surge with Surge Protectors

The problem arises when the surge happens to go on longer. Even if the surge continues for the minuscule extension of tens of milliseconds, fuses, wires, and electrical items such as computers will face damage. This can lead to extended periods of downtime.

Thus, it is easy to see why the protection of a building or facility from an electrical surge is vital. Apart from lightning strikes, it is also possible for electrical systems to experience various surges. This usually happens when there is something awry within the circuitry of a building, or upon a malfunction from the power supply company. Either way, facilities such as those containing oil and natural gas, water treatment plants, hospitals, and government buildings will need to take proper precautions, to ensure they are sufficiently protected with the best surge protection available.

The first step towards getting the best surge protection is to identify where surge protectors need to be installed. You should always work with a lightning protection provider that has the necessary experience and skilled expertise to evaluate any given situation and can locate where the surge protectors need to be installed.

Contact Lightning Master for The Best Surge Protection

What makes Lighting Master particularly unique among their peers in the industry is the fact that we manufacture our own products, including surge protectors. Manufacturing is done based on years of research and observations. In other words, Lightning Master is not a third-party vendor selling other companies’ surge protection devices. These are some of the best surge protection and lightning protection products available. These products are developed directly by people who have seen causes behind electrical damage. They know where the weak points are and have innovated and developed practical solutions for fixing them, including surge protection issues.

Lightning Master’s surge department will evaluate your facility’s electrical systems and critical equipment to identify the precise locations of the crucial areas. After that, Lightning Master will analyze and inspect your facility, and after the process of assessing the entire layout of said facility’s electrical systems, they will identify the precise location of the crucial areas. After that, recommendations will be made as to where exactly the surge protectors need to be installed in order to provide the best surge protection.

If you manage or oversee a facility in Texas, Oklahoma, or Florida, then you already know these states have a high propensity for electrical storms. Water treatment or oil and natural-gas facilities are essentially a “fish in a barrel” as far as lighting strikes are concerned, making them prime candidates for the best surge protection equipment. Let our team take a look at the facility and come up with a comprehensive plan to protect your employees and assets, by putting in place some of the best surge protection devices.

Our surge protection products are covered by warranties from the day they are shipped. To find out more about surge protection or lightning strike protection, please give Lightning Master a call at (+1) 727-447-6800 EXT. 115 to schedule a no-cost consultation and to learn about the best surge protection products available.