In order to assure the utmost quality for our clients, Lightning Master Corporation (LMC) designs its structural lightning protection systems and components to meet the requirements of NFPA 780, UL96A, API545, API 2003 and/or Lightning Master practices.  As part of our standards, we rigorously employ our QA/QC program to ensure the integrity & effectiveness of our lightning protection systems. When maintenance is performed, structures added or theft of materials from sites, LMC highly encourages follow-up QA/QC inspections on all sites where the Lightning Master Systems are installed. This is to insure the lightning & static protection systems have not been compromised in any way leaving your facility vulnerable to an incident.  LMC’s Quality Control Maintenance Program revolves around our customer’s site specific needs.  Dependent on the complexity and number of sites, LMC will work with our clients to develop the most effective and efficient program possible.

As a follow-up to our initial installation, we offer 6 month, 12 month or 2 year maintenance QC programs.  Each program involves a detailed site review, inspection of our air terminals, bonding/grounding, and corrosion evaluation.  The LMC Inspector will use the original installation photos and completion forms to note any changes, add-ons, or work that might have affected the integrity of the lightning protection system.  Our Inspector will:

  • Check termination points to ground looking for corrosion and a tight bond of the cable & components to ground.
  • Check connections on isolated steel ensuring that the bond & cable still meet LMC standards.
  • Inspect air terminals and hardware, noting corrosion (if any), quality of bond (connections), broken and missing parts, and electrode condition.
  • Inspect In-Tank Static Drain (ITSD) & hardware in all tanks where they are installed, noting corrosion, if any quality of bond (connections), and electrode condition.

Customer will receive a detailed report of the inspection of our equipment on their facility noting our findings and recommendations.  The report will include a copy of the installation completion form and photography from the initial installation in addition to the QC inspection.  If there are any changes to the facility from the time of initial install to date of the QC report, customer will be notified and the details documented in the report.  Lastly, LMC will include a written proposal for additional work recommended to meet the requirements of NFPA 780, UL96A, API545, API 2003 and/or Lightning Master practices.

Warranty : LMC currently offers a two year warranty on parts. Each year that the QA/QC inspection is purchased and performed, we will extend this warranty by a year (excluding the ITSD’s).


No technology, service, or product can guarantee protection of persons or property from injury, death, or damage resulting from lighting, transient voltage surge or static discharge, and Lightning Master Corporation makes no such guarantee or warranty. In no event shall Lightning Master Corporation be liable for direct, indirect, special, incidental or consequential damages, including and/or arising in connection with, but not limited to: personal injury and/or death, punitive damages, loss of profit, damage to or loss of use of assets, loss of product or facilities downtime to the extent such damages result from lightning, transient voltage surge or static discharge.

Lightning Master® systems are unique and site specific. Consequently, we always recommend that they be installed by LMC crews. LMC’s systems are designed to be low-maintenance, but not maintenance free. Therefore, we recommend periodic inspection for best effectiveness.