What Lightning Strike Records Tell You

Since you were a child, you have noticed one of the amazing spectacles of nature, known as a lightning strike. You were also told by your parents to stay indoors during thunderstorms. There is a reason why you were told to be careful, once lightning is in the area. This is the same reason why Lightning Master Corporation has strived to develop the most effective lightning protection solutions that will protect your employees and property in the event of a direct or nearby lightning strike. All it takes is a quick look at lightning strike records, to understand how dangerous lightning can be.

For example, it’s been known that lightning can travel great distances, but what is the measured record for the longest streak of lightning? The furthest distance ever recorded for a lightning strike is approximately 200 miles! This lighting strike record occurred in the state of Oklahoma, back in 2007. To put that in perspective, that would be roughly the distance from Oklahoma City to Dallas, TX.

Then there is another kind of lightning strike record that is even scarier, and that has to do with the duration of a strike. According to meteorological experts, one lightning strike continued to strike for nearly 8 seconds occurred in southern France, in 2012. To understand just how monumental this is, you should know that lightning strikes are so short, that they are usually measured in milliseconds.

Damages from Lightning Strikes

Each year, lightning strikes cause hundreds of millions of dollars worth of damage to property. States like Florida, Texas, and Colorado top the list in terms of average lightning strikes, per year.

Lightning Master and the Art of Lightning Protection

Started in the ’80s, Lightning Master knows a thing or two about lightning protection and lightning strike records. Our engineers have closely followed all the variables that contribute to lightning strikes and have designed and built devices to either prevent lightning strikes or to minimize the damage from a resultant strike.

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