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Lightning Master Corporation announces UL Listing of Stainless Steel Lightning protection products, UL certified installers, field operations and engineers. Lightning Master Corporation (LMC) is a global, full service manufacturing company specializing in lightning protection, static solutions, surge protection and grounding.

CLEARWATER, Fla. (PRWEB) February 15, 2018 — Lightning Master® Employees and Stainless Steel Products receive UL Certification

Lightning Master Corporation announces UL Listed Stainless Steel Lightning protection products, UL certified installers, field operations and engineers. Lightning Master Corporation (LMC) is a global, full service manufacturing company specializing in lightning protection, static solutions, surge protection and grounding. Lightning Master Corporation, a global, innovative, full service, static solutions and lightning protection company serving domestic and international industrial facilities since 1984, is pleased to announce that Underwriter Laboratories, Inc. (UL), a world leader in safety standards and Nationally Recognized Testing Laboratory (NRTL), has provided LMC’s Stainless Steel products and select staff with the highly distinguished and sought after UL Listing and UL Certification.

Lightning Master announces Stainless Steel Lightning protection products have passed the initial and periodic UL inspection. Additionally, LMC’s engineers, in-house sales support, field operations and installation teams are also UL certified. It’s important to note lightning protection companies that outsource their installation team or use contractors could be at risk if these contractors are not adhering to UL 96-A. UL listed products are required to be installed in accordance with the Standard of Safety for Installation Requirements for Lightning Protection Systems, UL 96A. Lightning Master UL Listed Products include: Steamer Retarding Air Terminals (SRAT’s), U-bolts, cable bonding lugs, saddle bases, swivel bases, bonding clamps and cable splices.
UL approved products go through rigorous validation, testing, inspection, and auditing in the industrial field, where risk is higher than most and safety is the most important application. Lightning protection systems are now required by most insurers to be installed according to UL standards. Lightning Master’s UL Listed Stainless Steel mounting hardware is more robust and resistant to the corrosive environments commonly found in oil fields.

Lightning Master, as the largest global provider of lightning protection systems, finds this certification in safety a necessity. The materials, equipment and staff used for lightning protection systems are required to comply with electrical codes and installation requirements consistent with many national safety standards, especially UL. “I am pleased that our stainless steel products, our installation team and our field operations have again received the UL stamp of approval. Furthermore, as a UL listed lightning protection system installer, we can deliver a UL Master Label® Certificate to our Customers’ facilities or letter of findings.” announces Bruce Kaiser, Chairman & CEO of Lightning Master Corporation.

Lightning Master’s UL lightning protection products and staff continually meet very specific safety standards and requirements, demonstrating compliance with nationally and internationally recognized and trusted safety standards. A lightning protection system is an investment in safety that goes from risk management control to risk management savings. Buying a safer, more productive future is assured with the quality of products received when you see that UL Listed label.

Lightning Master systems are backed by worldwide support, customer service and expertise. Their track record of success and top-notch customer service in North America, Asia, Africa, Europe and the Middle East has established LMC as the global authority on lightning, static and surge protection.

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