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Are Communication Towers Prone to Lightning Strikes?

Communication towers are tall structures, which makes them prone to lightning strikes. In fact, the taller the tower, the more likely it is to get struck by lightning. This puts communication towers high on the list of structures that need good lightning protection. To make matters worse, communication towers are more vulnerable to lightning strikes because of all the electronic equipment, such as antennae and wires, are attached to them. The problem with this kind of equipment is that it can cause a static charge to build upon it.

This will only increase the possibility of a lightning strike because lightning is attracted to static charges. When lightning strikes the tower, it will damage the equipment, possibly even beyond repair.

The problem with lighting is that the amount of voltage it discharges will not all be the same. Some lightning bolts will have a higher charge. Even if an object does not get directly hit by lighting, and it strikes nearby, it can still cause damage. This kind of secondhand lightning strike can also damage electronic devices that are not properly grounded or do not have surge protectors. In extreme cases, the wires used on communication towers will get severely burnt.

What Can be Done to Protect Communication Towers?

Since we live in the information era, the transfer of knowledge is primarily completed through the Internet. Most communication and transfer of data these days occurs through mobile/wireless platforms. Since communication towers are primarily used for mobile phones, communication towers have become the backbone of modern communication methods. This makes it very important to protect them from likely lightning strikes. It is important to understand how vital the role of proper lightning protection systems and equipment are to communication towers.

Contact Lightning Master Corporation for Lightning Protection for Communication Towers

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