Pipe Cleaner LM-PC-4-24V

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Pipe Cleaner. 24V Transmitter SPD

Lightning Master Pipe Cleaners are dual-circuit in-line, multi stage, parallel devices designed to protect 4-20mA data and 5V, 24V, 110V/120V control wires in process control applications. This device is designed to mount in the conduit at the transmitter.

This Product compliments the TS-12

  • Surge Rating:  10 kA (8×20 wave form)
  • Type Designation:  Automatic Recovery
  • Fast Response Time:  <5nS
  • Series Impedance:  1 Ohm
  • Standard Voltages:  6, 24, 110/120 VDC
  • Operating Temperature:  -20C to +85C
  • Design Features:  Protects 2, Same Voltage Circuits Per Package
  • Pipe Cleaner LM-PC-4-24V