Lightning Protection in Colorado Provided by Lightning Master Corporation

Lightning protection is vital for commercial properties in states such as Texas, Florida, and Oklahoma. However, proper lightning protection is also vital for the state of Colorado as well.

Lightning Master Corporation offers state of the art lightning protection for numerous commercial facilities in Colorado. Investing in lightning protection equipment is essential, as lightning strikes are always a serious threat to employees and properties that work in the oil industry. Keeping onsite equipment protected is also a top priority. Lightning protection for fuel storage tanks enhances employee safety, while also avoiding many hours of downtime. Investing in  oil tank lightning protection will keep your business productive and create a much safer environment for employees.

Here are just a few of the benefits of working with Lightning Master Corporation for lightning protection in Colorado.

Superior Equipment for Lightning Protection in Colorado

One of the top benefits of partnering with Lightning Master Corporation is that you gain access to the most advanced technology that will assist in keeping your employees and equipment safe from direct and indirect lightning strikes.

Surge protection devices, spot dissipators, structural lightning protection, and EFR bypass Conductors (MAGS) are just a few examples of the innovative equipment that will keep your entire facility well-protected at all times. Lightning Master Corporation designed all of the lightning protection equipment we use to maximize quality control and safety for your company.

Enhance Safety & Remain in Compliance

Following safety and compliance guidelines is a top priority for businesses in the oil and gas industry. Lightning Master Corporation understands the importance of maximizing safety by following the strict regulations of the American Petroleum Institute (API) and the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA). Each product is specially designed and tested to maximize protection and to ensure compliance, as safety is always the number one priority at Lightning Master Corporation. Stainless steel products are UL listed as well.

Reduce the Risk of a Lightning Strikes

Lightning Master Corporation also specializes in mitigating the chance of a direct strike against your facility and equipment. However, an indirect strike can also create substantial damage and result in significant repair cost for your company. However, LMC uses a three-part approach to limit this occurrence for both direct and indirect strikes. An indirect lightning strike can create substantial damage and result in significant repair costs for your company. However, the state of the art lightning protection equipment from Lightning Master Corporation gives your facility the ultimate safeguard against these dangerous lightning strikes.

Contact Lightning Master Corporation for Lightning Protection in Colorado

Lightning Master Corporation has over 35 years of experience in keeping commercial facilities well-protected against lightning strikes. Keeping employees safe and protecting equipment is essential in every industry. Lightning Master Corporation has the state of the art equipment that will help your Colorado business remain in compliance, while also significantly decreasing the number risks of your facility taking a direct or indirect strike.

Contact Lightning Master Corporation at (+1)800-749-6800 for more information about state of the art lightning protection in Colorado.