Lightning protection is vital for buildings across the United States.

Lightning Master Corporation has over three and a half decades worth of experience in providing superior lightning protection for buildings. Our goal is to provide you with the protection and peace of mind to know that your buildings and property are safe from direct and indirect lightning strikes. Did you know that just one lightning strike can lead to devastating damage to a building? Investing in lightning protection is well worth the price for any organization to protect their employees and assets, especially if you’re in a lightening-heavy state such as Florida.

Here are a few of the advantages of installing lightning protection for buildings:

1. Increase Safety for Employees

One of the main benefits of lightning protection for buildings is that it creates a much safer working environment for employees. For example, investing in lightning protection for fuel storage tanks will significantly limit the chance of fires and enhance safety for everyone on the job site. If you’re unsure of your property’s potential risk areas, you can also schedule a lightning protection risk assessment to identify any particular areas that are more vulnerable to lightning strikes.

2. Protect Your Investment

Another benefit of lighting protection for buildings is that it’s a great way to protect the investment in your building and property. Lightning Master Corporation uses the most advanced technology in the industry to safeguard each structure to mitigate the risk of a lightning strike. Lightning Master takes pride in offering lightning protection systems to various industries including oil, petroleum and chemical plants. Imagine if a single lightning strike completely destroyed your real estate investment. Keeping your investment well-protected will allow you to remain in operation and avoid costly repairs due to lightning storms.

3. Limit Downtime

Downtime due to a lightning storm can lead to high costs and potentially a bottomless pit of hours lost on productivity. A lightning protection system by Lightning Master can help reduce the risk. However, you can keep your organization up and running by investing in lightning protection! Keeping downtime to a minimum increases the bottom line for your business and is just one more reason why lightning protection for buildings is a smart investment!

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Lightning Master Corporation understands the importance of focusing on safety and protecting investments from natural disasters, which is why we specialize in lightning protection for commercial properties. Our innovative services will assist in keeping your properties and employees safe from lightning strikes. Our goal is to create the safest working environment while keeping your valuable assets damage-free and secure!

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