Chemical Plant Lightning Protection

Chemical plants, also known as petrochemical plants, are outdoor facilities that hold and produce vast quantities of chemicals. Therefore, it goes without saying that they need adequate lightning protection to remain safe for employees. Both direct and indirect lightning strikes can be a major hazard. Apart from damaging the plant and its electrical equipment, lightning strikes can harm employees and result in a fire that furthers the damage to the facility.

What Makes Chemical Plant Lightning Protection Particularly Important

Lightning protection for chemical plants, whether it’s storage or manufacturing units, are “sitting ducks” for lightning strikes. With their large footprint and generous usage of metal parts, you can never be too careful about putting protection in place. When you take into account that chemical plants are run on a 24/7 basis, making repairs for them after a lightning strike is extremely daunting. When a chemical plant gets hit directly by lightning, what usually follows are explosions, process upsets, power outages, and potential injuries to personnel. There have been incidents when tanks measuring 50’ in diameter got tossed over 70’ into the air, after being struck by lightning and igniting the contents.

Tall Structures and Lightning Strikes

The taller a structure is, the higher the chance it will be struck by lightning. The reason for this is that taller structures offer reduced breakdown distance for the lightning. This is why skyscrapers are the number one target for lightning strikes. It is not unusual for them to get struck by lightning as much as 100 times in a year. How does this relate to lightning protection? The answer is simple. Lightning protection equipment is put in place near chemical plants to mitigate lightning strikes. The idea here is to install lightning protection equipment that is properly grounded to provide optimum chemical plant lightning protection.

Complete Chemical Plant Lightning Protection

If you need lightning protection for oil and gas plants, or lightning protection for fuel storage tanks, then it is time to take a closer look at Lightning Master Corporation. Our engineers will visit your site and take everything into accounts such as geographical area, type of soil, and other factors, to make informed decisions that will protect your employees and assets from lightning strikes.

Lightning Master uses a combined approach to mitigate lightning strike damage. These include several different products designed by us and put in place by our staff. There is no lightning protection product that can get rid of lightning strikes 100%. However, our products are known to reduce the likelihood of damage from lightning strikes.

Just as chemical plant lightning protection requires specific remedies to combat lightning strikes, all facilities, including buildings, cell phone towers, etc. have specific requirements and remedies for lightning protection. Lightning Master’s experience makes them an expert in these requirements and remedies. We understand that chemical plant lightning protection is different from lightning protection for a building. Lightning Master has been in the lightning protection business for over three decades, and in the meantime, we have come up with equipment and procedures, based on real-life scenarios to give better chemical plant lightning protection.

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