Airport Lightning Protection From Lightning Master Corporation

Lightning Master and the Art of Lightning Protection

Lightning Master Corporation has the knowledge and experience to properly implement airport lightning protection. Lightning Master has worked only on collecting data regarding lightning and its behavior and has developed real-world solutions to deal with lightning protection. We are not a third-party manufacturer of lightning protection products. Our employees create, survey and install everything you need for airport lightning protection. We also offer lightning protection for fuel storage tankscommunication tower lightning protection, and lightning protection for oil and gas facilities.

Why Airport Lightning Protection is Important

Lightning protection is needed in any area that can be struck by lightning and has a human presence. However, what makes airports different is that they are a “beehive” of activity for humans and machinery alike. There are very few places in which large numbers of people congregate, at least the way you see at airports. These include both passengers as well as employees. Airports will also have fuel storage tanks that are potentially volatile if struck by lightning directly or indirectly. On top of all this, airports use a variety of vital and expensive electronic equipment, required for the day-to-day safe operation. From all this, it is easy to see why airport lightning protection is important from both safety and an economic point of view.

Airports are not only about buildings and equipment; it is also about wide-open spaces. When ground personnel walks around to deal with parked aircraft, they are potentially “sitting ducks” when storms approach. Lightning protection for ground crew personnel should focus on protecting them from lightning strikes, which in turn ensures a smooth operation of flights. Therefore, the benefits of airport lightning protection can be summarized into three main points:

  • Protects employees and passengers
  • Improves efficiency
  • Saves money in the long run

Lightning Master uses many devices to protect your assets from lightning strikes as well as any damage that can happen after the lightning strike. The following are some examples of the products and services Lightning Master uses to help mitigate and remedy the lightning problem.

  • Bonding & Grounding
  • Surge protection devices & services
  • Production and disposal facility
  • Site surveys
  • Static and structural lightning protection

Work with Lightning Master Corporation for Airport Lightning Protection

There’s no need to gamble with the lives of your employees or your important equipment when dealing with potential lightning strikes. Once you consult with Lightning master Corporation, we will advise you on all aspects of lightning protection. Call us today at (727) 447-6800 and our team will analyze your airport and develop a unique strategy and plan to implement the necessary airport lightning protection equipment and systems.